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Online Assessment

Creating Online Assessments

Do you need to create an online assessment or test and need to get it done quickly? Creating and administering online exams has never been so easy. Each course has a built in pool of exam questions which creates a powerful system for delivering exams and quizzes online. Students will find the format of the exams intuitive and easy to navigate. How does it work?

  • Instructors load the questions into the database then create exams and quizzes based on them.
  • The exams and questions can be edited, deleted, and re-used anytime for a quick, feature rich online examination system.
  • Online exams are delivered through any browser, and no additional software or downloads are required.
  • If a student is disconnected from the Internet while taking an exam, the responses they have already entered are not lost. They can simply re-connect, go back to the exam center, and resume the exam.
  • Multiple choice,true/false and Multiple Answer questions are automatically graded.
  • Short answer (fill-in-the-blank) or essay questions can be automatically graded or manually graded by the instructor. It is generally best for the instructor to manually grade these questions.

Create randomized exams. Exams can be random or non-random. For a random exam, the instructor will specify how many questions to use from each category in the test bank. The system will then randomly choose the questions based on these specifications. For non-random exams, the instructor will choose which questions appear on the exam, and in which order they are delivered.

Control exam sequencing. The instructor has the option of setting the sequence in which exams must be completed. For example, the student must take Exam 1 before attempting Exam 2. The instructor can also specify whether the student must pass the exam to proceed, or simply attempt it.

Exams can be tied to content. Instructors can tie an exam to a section of content so the student must pass the exam before moving on. An exam can also be designated as a "final exam," which allows for further control. For example, it is possible to designate that a student spend a certain amount of time viewing content before attempting the final exam.

Generate PDF certificates automatically. Each exam can have a certificate associated with it. This certificate is based on a fully customizable template that can include any graphics, logos, or information you choose. Pertinent information such as name, exam name, course name, credit hours, and score are automatically filled in. The certificate is e-mailed as an attachment to the student upon passing the exam. Features include:

  • Questions can be multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer, short answer (fill in the blank), essay, and upload.
  • An upload questions allows the student to upload a file as the answer to a question. The student could, for example, upload an Excel file as the answer to a question, then the instructor will manually grade the exam.
  • Questions are entered and edited through the browser-based WYSIWYG editor.
  • Questions can include HTML formatted text, images, animations, and links to outside resources.
  • Exams can be timed or have no limit for taking them.
  • The instructor creates exams by choosing questions from the database, or...
  • The system can automatically create exams by randomly choosing questions from your database.
  • The system will randomly order the questions for each student or the instructor can manually set the question order.
  • Exams can be turned on or off and have a date range for each exam.
  • Multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer and short answer questions are automatically graded.
  • Students get instant results on automatically graded exams.
  • Students and instructors get instant results via e-mail.
  • For each question you can enter feedback that the student will see when reviewing the exam.
  • Control review options: review correct, incorrect, both, or neither.
  • Allow students to retake exams. Instructors set the number of retakes allowed, or allow unlimited retakes.
  • Instructor controls the number of questions given (displayed to the student) per page.
  • Automatically generates a numbered certificate of completion on successfully passing an exam. You customize the certificate.
  • The instructor can "manually" grade an exam if necessary.
  • Exams are taken through the browser and requires no downloads or plugins.
  • Exams can be 'sequenced' - the instructor controls the sequence in which the exams must be taken.
  • Exams can be tied to course content, allowing precise access control.

Many instructors feel that creating exams and quizzes is a tedious task. CourseWebs is different. Since questions are loaded into the database, they can be re-used on multiple exams and quizzes without having to re-type them each time an exam is created. This is particularly useful when creating practice exams. The online exam system is part of the CourseWebs suite of software applications for developing and delivering online courses. The CourseWebs system lets instructors quickly and easily build courses for delivery via the Internet. Instructors do not need to know HTML or programming. Courses are built and delivered through the browser, so there is no software to download and install.

For the IT department: The entire CourseWebs Distance Learning Software system is available for much less than most online exam systems alone. The software is built in around a powerful SQL Server database. CourseWebs offers very affordable hosting plans, server licenses, and source code licenses.

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