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Learning Management Software Benefits

CourseWebs is on the forefront of Learning Management Systems. It provides a variety of course building options including hierarchical outline building apps, support for a myriad of multimedia platforms, and powerful online exam tools. If you have used other LMS systems and been frustrated, we invite you to discover the power and simplicity of CourseWebs. It saves you time, money and one other important thing: it helps you effectively teach or train anyone.

CourseWebs is designed for any online educational institution or company that needs to train its employees. Benefits include:

  • Total Flexibility. Every institution is different and has different needs. So every aspect of CourseWebs software can be modified and customized to meet those needs. Features can be added or removed, formatting can be changed, or the entire system can be overhauled to fit with each institution's specific educational goals. This flexibility also extends to the online exam tools, which are designed to mold to an instructor's individual teaching style, allowing for a variety of different types of questions, test formats, and grading options.
  • Easy setup. A CourseWebs package includes access to the CourseWebs technical support staff. They're there to make the setup process easy, working with an institution to help them design an ideal educational experience for students, teachers, and administrators. And once setup is complete, tech support can still be contacted at any time by either phone or e-mail, to make sure things continue to run smoothly.
  • Ease of use. CourseWebs is designed to be simple to use, by teachers, students, and admins alike. It works in any browser, without the need for downloads or plugins. A rich text editor allows content to be formatted without HTML or FTP knowledge. Templates aid instructors in designing their courses, and the online exam tools make it easy for tests to be administered, taken, and graded. CourseWebs also supports online credit card payments for courses, including through PayPal, making registration easy on both sides.
  • Low cost. Some institutions and companies have money and resources to spare. But others do not. CourseWebs provides budget friendly packages that can accommodate smaller companies and organizations, and allows them to choose the options they want, rather than paying for features they don't need.

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At CourseWebs, the premiere LMS software company, we help deliver e-learning the way it was intended. With a rich feature set and multiple applications for any learning environment, our learning management software is assisting hundreds of schools and companies in making online education simple and effective.

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