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Questions and Answers about our Learning Management System

LMS Software - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CourseWebs?
CourseWebs is a Learning Content Management System that enables distance learning courses to be conducted over the Internet. CourseWebs has a built in content management system, exam system, discussion forums, and user management controls, among other things.

Can I create quizzes and exams that are automatically graded?
Yes. The powerful exam system lets you create exams with multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer and short answer/essay questions. Exams are automatically graded (multiple choice,true false, multiple answer), and a PDF or HTML certificate is created and e-mailed automatically if desired.

Can I use multimedia files?
Yes. Your courses can contain regular HTML and any sort of image and multimedia files. The simplest way is to upload the multimedia file and create a link to it in your course content. You can embed content from other hosts. We can provide assistance in integrating your multimedia and content with CourseWebs for more complex implementations. We can also help you to convert PowerPoint slide presentations to Flash and/or HTML 5.

Can I use my own logos and branding?
Certainly. Hosted accounts can be customized with your own logos, headers, footers, and font/color combinations. CourseWebs uses css extensively for layout, colors, and branding.

Can I load CourseWebs on my own server?
Yes. You must purchase the server license. CourseWebs requires IIS and MS SQL Server. Click here for more information on the Server License for CourseWebs Learning Management System.

Can I get the source code?
Yes, we offer a source code license. Click here for more information on licensing the source code for CourseWebs Learning Management System.

How much is it?
Please see pricing and licensing information.

Is there a free trial?
Yes. We will be happy to set up a free account for you to try. Please contact to get it set up.

Can I accept credit cards when registering students?
Yes. CourseWebs can be setup to process credit cards through your merchant account. Additional setup fees may apply, but we do not take a cut of any registration fees you collect. You can also accept payments with your PayPal standard account.

Why is CourseWebs so much less expensive than's Learning Management System?
Philosophy, efficiency, flexibility. CourseWebs recognizes a niche of education consultants that cannot afford or aren't served by other LMS vendors. Rates are low for these lower volume providers. As companies grow, we can provide additional services to grow simultaneously. Flexible pricing means you don't have to pay for extras such as bandwidth, storage, and customization if you don't need them.

What about Non-English Languages?
CourseWebs supports multiple languages within the same installation. Currently we have translations for English, Spanish, French, and Romanian. Please contact us to add a language.

What about SCORM?
CourseWebs is a SCORM compliant learning management system. You can import SCORM 2004 (or previous) courses and launch them from the LMS. We have found that SCORM requirements can vary a lot, so please contact us to discuss your project.

Who are you and what do you do?
CourseWebs was developed by Case Consulting, LLC. Founded by Drew Case in 1999, Case consulting assists clients with their distance learning programs as well as providing custom software development. Mr. Case has been involved in higher education for over 20 years, and has developed and taught many courses, both online and in-class.

Who uses CourseWebs?
Our clients are corporations, educational institutions, colleges, K-12, healthcare organizations, continuing education services, professional certification services, training departments, online education companies, community enrichment projects, government agencies, and many others.

A few of our clients:

  • Action Career College
  • Aeskulap Clinic (Switzerland)
  • American Graduate University
  • Aurora Health Care
  • FunCPE
  • Nestle, Inc.
  • Nuance (formerly Scansoft)
  • Omnicell
  • Peninsula Airways (Alaska)
  • United States Air Force
  • Unity Online
  • LANDesk
  • Petrom (Romania)
  • Nexus Insurance (United Arab Emirates)
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • WorkSafe Victoria (Australia)
  • Many more

Please add your company to the list! Contact

Do you support "blended" or instructor-led learning?
Yes we do. You can create location-based sections in our system very easily and have students enroll themselves from the catalog or have administrators manage their enrollments without students having to do anything but show up to class. Find out more about blended learning on our LMS features page.

Do you support web conferencing tools?
Yes we do. You can link Web conferencing events to sessions using WebEx and other Web conferencing tools.

Can I integrate into my organization's systems?
We have successfully integrated into HR systems (like Oracle and SAP), payroll systems, and many others. We try to keep it easy. If you can get a spreadsheet (.CSV file) out of your system, you should be able to simply import manually or by scheduling an email or file transfer (FTP) to our system. We inlcude an API for backend data transfer between systems.

What are the system requirements for the LMS?
Off the shelf, CourseWebs will run in any modern browser. If you include content generated in a third-party application you should verify compatibility with your target audience. We can help with this step..

Do you have online help?
We provide a great Help section that will walk you step by step through using our LMS.. We provide in-context help links within the LMS that jump you directly to frequently asked questions and step-by-step instructions about what you are doing. We also have many video explainers covering common tasks.

Do you provide email or telephone support?
We provide email and phone support for all of our plans. Contact us for more information about custom plans that provide additional support options.

Do you offer on-site training on the LMS?
We offer excellent on-site training options. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer implementation services?
We sure do. Our excellent implementation services leave everyone involved happy. Please contact us for more information.

How do I create Computer Based Training that runs on your LMS?
You can use the built-in content editor, or any number of courseware authoring tools that publish courses for the web. We like Articulate, Storyline, Captivate, and Presenter among others.

I have another question. Whom do I ask?
Contact for any other questions. Or call us at (502)540-9944. We would love to talk with you about your project.

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