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An online exam is exactly what it sounds like: a test or quiz that's administered over the Internet. They can be used as practice tests, to prepare a student for an in-person test to come (such as the SAT or another standardized test), or they can be the culmination of a student's work in an online course.

The format options for online exams are as versatile as they are for in-person exams. Instructors can choose to make a test True/False or multiple choice, with students clicking on their chosen response, or they can provide text boxes for short answer, fill-in-the-blank, or even essay questions, that make students think more critically. A teacher can also choose to make it a timed test, with students given an allotted time frame with which to complete certain sections, or the test as a whole. Some of the other features of online exams include:

  • Browser-based testing that doesn't require download or plugins.
  • An exam question database, from which questions can be randomly chosen and randomly ordered for each student, automatically.
  • Detailed score reports, broken down by category.
  • Emailed test results and certificates.
  • Options to retake exams, specifying how many times an exam can be taken, and what the maximum score is for a retaken exam.

The main benefit to online exams is the potential for instant results. Multiple choice,True/False and Multiple Answer questions can be graded automatically by the system, and both the student and teacher can receive the results immediately. However, a teacher still has the option to go over a test again manually and recheck the grade, if necessary. Teachers can also provide the students with feedback based on their answers, which is particularly helpful in grading short answer and essay questions. And they can create PDF certificates that students can download and print out once the test is completed.

Tests are as important an aspect of online courses as they are for in-person classes. And modern online exams allow instructors the same versatility in testing their students' knowledge that in-person tests do. With an online exam, any test can be taken, graded, and certified from the comfort of one's own home.

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