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Learning Management System Features

Online Exam and Assessment Software - Advanced LMS Features

CourseWebs is benefit packed and feature rich. A perfect example of this is in the exam module. Each course has a built-in database for exam questions. Instructors load the questions into the database then create exams and quizzes based on these questions. The exams and questions can be edited, deleted, and re-used anytime for a quick feature rich online examination system. eLearning solutions and software have never been so easy to use.

The problem with most software features happens at the very beginning of development: Engineers design it without considering the actual real world use of the product. At CourseWebs, we designed the software backwards: we asked educators what they needed in a software application and designed it to these specs. Plus, we are educators ourselves so we know what’s required to teach online effectively.

Here's a quick list of our popular features:

Powerful Assessments

  • Questions can be multiple choice, true/false, short answer (fill in the blank), multiple answer (checkboxes), and essay.
  • Exams can be timed or untimed.
  • The system can automatically create exams by randomly choosing questions from your exam question database.
  • The system will randomly order the questions for each student.
  • Exams can be turned on or off and have a date range for each exam.
  • Multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, and short answer questions are automatically graded.
  • Detailed score report breaks down student responses by category.
  • Students get instant results on automatically graded exams.
  • Students and instructors get instant results via e-mail.
  • For each question you can enter feedback that the student will get when reviewing the exam.

Built-in eCommerce

  • Sell courses through the shopping cart.
  • Process credit cards through your own merchant account or PayPal.
  • Cart supports invoicing for corporate accounts.
  • Can integrate with your website or other cart systems.

Content Management

  • Includes a built-in content authoring and management system.
  • Use any multimedia file or embedded content.
  • Full access tracking (track time spent in content, exams, etc.)
  • Use content from other content authoring suites such as Articulate, Captivate, Storyline, or PowerPoint.
  • Supports SCORM courses.

User Management

  • Allow students to self enroll - or not.
  • Bulk enrollment from a spreadsheet file.
  • Single sign-on integration available.
  • Enrollment API available for third-party integration.
  • Fully customizable email templates.
  • Automated email reminders.

Full Reporting

  • Powerful reporting to get all the information you need.
  • Sort, filter, and search all reports.
  • Export to Excel, PDF, or printer.
  • We create custom reports for your account.
  • Reporting API facilitates data export to other systems.

Fully Customizable

  • Branding included with all accounts.
  • Need a feature? We can do it.
  • We offer full consulting and programming services to meet any requirement.

Installation and Purchase Options

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At CourseWebs, we help deliver e-learning the way it was intended. With a rich feature set and multiple applications for any learning environment, our learning management software is assisting hundreds of schools and companies in making online education simple and effective.

Have an inquiry about a specific product feature? Ready to get started with our eLearning solutions software? Contact us today to find out more.

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